If there is a spiritual world?

Do you rely on the spiritual world; do you consider yourself a spiritual individual? Have you adopted a religion and a belief system, which you make use of to explain that which you feel but can not see?

Spiritual world

Some individuals that have actually taken on a faith system may take into consideration those who have taken on a much more spiritual view of points as rather nuts, yet from a clinical stand factor a few of the astrology type spiritual ideas could really be a whole lot closer to the fact compared to the 1000’s of years of highly modified church and also literature.


During my devotions recently, I read in I Samuel, chapter 4. It tells the story of one of the darkest hours of the Jewish people. The Philistines had defeated Israel; the high priest, Eli, and his sons, Hophni and Phinehas, were dead. The Ark of the Covenant had been captured. Phinehas’ wife had named her newborn son Ichabod, which means “the glory of God has departed.” Tragically, the light had gone out in Israel.

Despite this crisis, a godly woman, Hannah, had dedicated her life to the Lord to be light. God answered her cry. Her son, Samuel, was carried to Shiloh as a young child to serve the house of God. Through Samuel came a new generation of righteous prophets and judges.

Although some could convince themselves that they feel greater than they in fact do, hence attempting to discuss it in a manner which is an abstraction of the actual, yet border-lining on the fact, that does not verify it is not so in some type.

Thus as others that are of a more organized religion system that condemn such thought may themselves be in error or perhaps living a lie.

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