Psychic Readings How True Are They?

All of us would certainly want to have an idea of what could happen in the future. Psychic readings are one of the most famous options available today, but just how true are they? Can you rely on what they predict to happen, or is it just a random generalization?

Like most studies, you’ll need to know how psychic readings work before you can question their accuracy. Here are some answers that could enlighten you:


You’d probably know how psychics work. You sit around a table and get to relax your mind and body. The medium will then enter a spiritual state and from there, see life events in the past, present, and future. After some meditation, the psychic will then foretell your future and let you know your end path.

This is where the accuracy ends. We have always known that there are both major and minor decisions to be made in life. Choosing a different path at any time will most likely change how the future will be. Our destinies are not set in stone. Even some seemingly minor change in habit or your lifestyle pattern can ripple out and change future events.

For this reason, alone man is empowered to change the future according to his or her liking. A psychic reading is your roadmap to the future. You have the power to choose new paths if the psychic reading isn’t going your way!



True seers would not ask so many questions for a number of reasons. The best psychics are the ones who meditate and keep quiet (I definitely recommend ones from San Diego); they are feeling the energy of your past and listening to your inner hopes and wishes. They would not like to be interrupted as they create a channel towards divine guidance. The future information should not come from a human. Rather, the most accurate readings should come from the spirits residing in the ethereal world.


Psychic readings aren’t 100% true, nor are they perfectly accurate. A psychic prediction happens when you step inside and sit down right in front of the psychic. The reading will come based at the moment your fortune is read, on your current energy pattern and your current life situation. That psychic prediction can change the moment you decide to change, and let’s not forget about free will. The paths are many and they branch out to innumerable future scenarios.

Therefore, the best readings are at around 75 to 90 percent accuracy. It all depends on how strongly you’d like to change your reading, and the energies the spirits wish to bestow upon you. It also depends if you truly believe the reading and if you’re willing to allow the event to happen or change it.

True or not, a psychic reading is beneficial because you can gain better clarity and a better perspective of where your life is headed. Psychics can let you see where you are now and what you need to do to get a better future. Here you can find interesting reading about true stories from a psychic medium.

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